Growing Healthy means Growing Happy

There is no greater joy for us, parents than to see our children grow happy and healthy! And Nestokid Four couldn’t agree more! That’s why they launched Grow Happy Nation event with its first leg held at the Activity Center, Robinsons Place Manila.

Before proceeding to the fun activity area, media partners and mommy bloggers where invited for a sit down of yummy breakfast at the Early Bird Breakfast Club wherein we were reminded about the proper nutrition for our children in their growing-up years.

Did you know? Nestokid, formerly known as Nestogen launched in the Philippines in 1983
I learned that a happy environment where in they play and learn is vital in helping ensure a bright and happy future for them, and in the end, for the entire family.

What Makes Nestokid Special?

Unique Benefit: It ensures healthy and strong tummy with its exclusive probiotic ingredient – the L. Comfortis. L. Comfortis helps in improving nutrient absorption for growth, improves digestion and bowel movement.

It is also the MOST AFFORDABLE growing-up milk offering of Nestle.

Mr. Carlo Agbayani, Lead Consumer Marketing Manager introduced us a brief history of Nestle Nestokid. Health starts with a healthy gut as it provides Tummy Comfort, Strong Immunity and Over-all growth and development.

There are things that makes a healthy gut.

One is Healthy Food – fresh fruits and leafy vegetables, and grains with fiber that improves digestion.

Did you know? Exercising releases endorphins that reduces our perception of pain while triggering positive feeling in the happy.

Two is Exercise and Stress Management – Apparently, even kids may experience stress and this is conveyed by being sad or always crying and not in the mood. Exercising regularly is important as creates a peristaltic movement. If you relax and you feel like your gut is twisting that is stress affecting your digestive system, so relax your mind and control you emotions.

Yours truly with my happy kid, Dabibot!

Three is Probiotics – Bacteria good and bad lives in our gut. Boosts the good bacteria by adding probiotics in your diet. It will improve immunity against sickness and lessen digestive discomfort.
Live microorganisms when given in adequate amounts confer a positive influence on our child’s health as it increases good bacteria, maintain the right tummy structure, fosters good tummy movement and leads to good digestion and nutrient absorption.

Four is Adequate Rest – Digestive organs are replenished, detoxified and restored during REM sleep.

How do we know if our child has healthy gut?

Gut Comfort. Strong Immunity. Over-all Growth & Development.
They should have proper digestion and absorption, less constipation and diarrhoea and less infection and Nestokid can help you with that. 
It has one of the highest amount of calcium for bone development, contains 24 vitamins and minerals and has higher level of DHA than other affordable brands.

Did you know? Nestokid Four, the Growing Up Milk with Probiotic and DHA was launched in the Philippines in 2016
Child and Family Psychologist, Ms. Rizason Go Tiang-Ng graced the event and shared to us 10 things we should remember in raising our children. Apparently, this list was made by her own children and guaranteed effective as we had seen in the event – she’s with one of her kids and she’s very sweet and proper.

Core Belief: Respect and give our children dignity.

Validate - Parents should practice reflective listening when communicating with our children.
How? By not reacting in the middle of their telling. Accept what they're saying, absorb and analyze it first without judgement. Refrain from quickly putting them down, and speak to them with salt even when we have the reason to correct them, that way, they will learn that they have value and significance in the family.

Encourage - Focus on their abilities, not their failure or mistake. It is true that we learned from mistakes, but it's no reason to focus on it, nor neglect the things they do right and talents they possess. By being encouraging, we are planting sense of hope in their character and hence will give them a stronger mental health condition against depression. See the gift aside from mistake and nourish it.

Interact – Interact meaningfully as much as possible by creating good habits like eating together, praying together, story-telling during bedtime even singing inside the car. These short interaction will help them learn how to converse while creating intimate family relationship. Interaction also means knowing your children’s friends, classmates and other individuals they interact with – teachers, school bus drivers, etc.

Relate to one another.

Hear their stories – make believe and how their days went.

Be involve with your child.

Involvement –Let small kids pick the toys they want to play with. Involve children in family decisions, financial planning, even food preparation that are appropriate on their age. By doing so, it’ll make the family dynamic, children productive and confident with sense of competency.
Collaborate with the kids on a family project and you’ll be surprised how committed they are.
Planning strengthens cognitive skills; they’ll learn the effects and results of consequences.
Affiliation, being part of the family will help them be confident where they belong, and it all starts at giving them age-appropriate tasks.

Below are some of the tasks we could give our kids:

Keep toys away.

Placing cutlery on the table.

Tuck the bed.

What other age-appropriate tasks do you let your kids do? Comment down below.

Rituals – This goes hand in hand with involvement. Family dinner, prayer together before meals and Sunday Worship are just some of the few but constant regular family activities we should establish. These unspoken rules will enable children to prioritize family, observe limitations and follow rules. For example, if friends invite them for leisure on a Sunday, they’ll prioritize their family if Sunday was austerely implemented as family day.

Organization – A place for everything and everything in place. Independence with self-regulation will sprout from practicing organization inside the home.

Express – Let your children express themselves.

5 languages of Love:
-       Service
-       Affirmation
-       Touch
-       Gifts
-       Time

Perspective – Taking – While in the middle of mindful and reflective listening, we should recreate and see our child’s point-of-view, of where they are coming from.
Bigger perspective means anticipating the short and long term effects of our action.
This also involves choosing our battle when it comes to our kids. Choosing wisely will lead to more harmony, less anger. Example: he accidentally toppled over his food. Do not overreact, or punish him immediately. Why not just calmly remind him to be careful next time and point out that food should be respected because it’s a necessity in life.

Minor on the minor, major on the major.

Presence – Put your phone down, and be truly present with your child. Eye contact. Mindful language. Warm touch.

Self-Care – Remember that its ok to be good enough mom. Do not deprived yourself into thinking that you have no right or time for Me-Time. If we want to be always ready to serve our family, we should take care of our core, ourselves. An hour of brisk walking, a long shower, pampering, even a squeezed time to read a book, or swiping a red lipstick on. Things that will make us feel better will energize us to be the best mom we could be.

Love yourself and believe what you’re doing as a mom.

Love yourself and you’ll convey that you truly love your children, as well.

Do you have a unique Me-Time activity? Share it down below.

Happy Wife means Happy Life. But when you are a mother. Happy child means Happy Wife means Happy Family! Nestokid conducted a survey on what makes a Filipina mom Happy.Happiness for Filipino moms includes being free from problems, healthy kids, a complete family and a bright future ahead.

In focusing on healthy kids, one should have Happy Environments. A loving and nurturing family. Friends that are able to build relationships and develop good social skills with children. And a peaceful community that would able them to play and explore with equal opportunities to everyone. One should have proper nutrition – right and balanced amount of nutrients in quality food and that includes Nestokid Four!

The Nestokid Grow Happy Nation pop-up kiosk have four activity stations.

Grow Happy Likha Art with Crayola.
Grow Happy Laro Play
Grow Happy Musika Music
Grow Happy Nutrisyon Nutrition

What more Grow Happy? Click here!

I learned so much and Dabibot had so much fun! Thank you Nestokid and Nestle, I appreciate companies creating fun-filled learning events, it just shows how they genuinely care for their consumers and that they have the best intentions in serving the community by producing quality products.

Melai and Baby Mela

Join Nestokid Grow Happy Nation on July 21 to 22 at the SM City Dasmarinas Cavite Activity Center! Be part of the movement and get a chance to win a 1-year supply of Nestokid Four when you post photos from inside Grow Happy Nation Activity area using the hashtags #GrowHappy and #Nestokid!

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