SPCon2018: Baby and Toddler Block

Last Saturday, July 21, Smart Parenting in partnership with Nivea Baby Philippines, Toys R Us, Ford Philippines, Insular Life and Bambini Baby Cologne held a day of shopping and fun-learning at the Megatrade Hall 3 in SM Megamall. The event was open for the entire family with parents scoring discounted Smart-Parenting approved and recommended products.

Did you missed the Smart Parenting Convention last Saturday?

Fret not! Sharing with you the Baby and Toddler Block talks brought to you by Nivea Baby Philippines and ToysRUs!

Talk No. 1: Bringing Baby Home: Newborn Care 101 with Dra. Florence Irena Atutubo-Baylas

When there’s no complications on both mommy and baby, NSD (Normal Spontaneous Delivery) moms could go out after 3 days, CS (Ceasarian Section Delivery) moms however, may take up to 5 days before heading back home. If you are a first-time parent, read on and see some simple tips and tricks from Dra. Florence on how to take care of your new bundle of joy!

Carrying A Baby – It’s a no brainer. We should wash our hands before we touch baby’s things and the baby itself. After washing, we should dry and warm our hands – one way of doing it is by rubbing our palms together to make sure that the baby will not jolt due to sudden cold. According to Dra. Florence, we should scoop the nape of our baby and secure it with firm but comfortable hold, before scooping the bottom. With a firm grip, raise the baby gently from the bed or the crib. Bring to a face to face position and eventually shift to cradle hold position as desired. Gently swoosh and sway the baby to avoid Shaken Baby Syndrome.
Shaken Baby Syndrome: is caused by vigorous shaking of an infant by the shoulder, arms, or legs. A single episode can result on whiplash-induced bleeding that may lead to permanent neurological damage.
Feeding the Baby – Exclusive breastfeeding for up to 6 months is recommended to give the baby the best start in life. Feed on demand or every 2-3hours. We shouldn’t give water or vitamins for the first 6 months as breast milk can sustain the baby for its first 6 months.

Newborn’s Stomach Size
Day 1 – size of a cherry (5-7ml or 1-1.4 teaspoons of milk)
Day 2 - size of a walnut (22-27ml or 0.75-1 oz.)
One Week – size of an apricot (45-60 ml or 1.5-2 oz.)
One Month – size of large egg (80-150ml or 2.5-5 oz.)

All we have to do is to eat properly with right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water to make sure the quality of our breastmilk is at its best while watching out for quality and quantity of baby’s outputs – urine and stool.

Stages and Signs that Baby is Hungry

Early Cues – I’m Hungry
The baby is stirring, mouth opening and turning head while seeking and rooting.
Mid Cues – I’m Really Hungry
The baby is stretching arms, increasing physical movement and puts hand to mouth.
Late Cues – Calm me, then feed me

The baby starts to cry with agitated body movement and face is turning red.
If we are alert enough, we could feed the baby in its early cues and avoid the crying. After feeding the newborn, it is a must to burp the baby so we can get rid of the air from the sucking motion that could cause stomach ache.
Burping the baby – We should always bring our body close to the baby before raising the baby to our shoulder or chest. Dra. Florence advised on using a burping cloth to avoid contact with outside clothes since the baby’s skin is still sensitive and to avoid allergic reaction on baby’s skin. Gently tap baby’s back for comfort while making sure that the tummy is should be lightly pressed against our body to allow burping. Babies may also pass gas during burping.
Bathing the baby – Before stripping the baby off its clothes, we should first prepare all the necessary materials like blanket, change of clothes, diapers, cotton balls, cotton buds, towel, basin and gentle cleanser. Ensure that the water temperature is just right, not too cold nor too hot.
Dry bath is advisable for newborn with umbilical cords still attached to its stomatch while wet bath is recommended for baby’s with fallen off cords. Ideally, it is best to start from head to toe with quick and comforting movement.
Remember to clean the outer ear only and avoid using talc powder.
It is recommended to not give newborn a bath in its first 24 hours of life. You can talk about this with your OB as by delaying the bath, we allow the baby time to study their body temperature and sugar levels. It is also the best time for mom and baby’s skin-to-skin to allow bonding and encourage breastfeeding.

Sunbathing the baby – is important to allow natural vitamin D from the sun be absorbed and hasten appearances of yellow discoloration or jaundice.
Best sunbathing is without clothes.
Best time: 6am to 8am and after 4pm in the afternoon.
5-10mins direct sunlight

Calming the baby – One of the things babies do is cry. Soothe the baby by gently dancing – sway, gentle rock or bounce. Soft tone of voice, a gentle hum or a sweet lullaby can also help the baby feel at ease.
Baby Wearing – The best baby carrier is the one that you’ll gonna use. While using a baby carrier remember the ABC’s.
A is for Airway: Ensure that the baby’s airway stays open and allow fresh air to circulate around your baby’s face, and not just nose.
B is for Body Positioning: Make sure that the baby carrier supports the baby in such a way that it’s appropriate to his level of neck, and has trunk control to prevent slumping.
C is for Comfort: The baby carrier should both be comfortable to the wearer and to the baby.

Putting the Baby to Sleep – Newborns usually have a reversed day and night. Some will took about 6 weeks before the reversal of day and night happen, others will adopt longer or changes preference every once in a while. While in this transition, breastfeeding mom should adjust and adopt to baby’s sleeping pattern. Sleep while the baby is sleeping.

How to Put Your Baby to Sleep
Keep the house brighter and more active during the day, while make night time  darker and quieter.
Establish a nightly routine that lets your baby know its time for bed. This will help their body clocks be regulated as well.
Set a sleeping schedule even for mid-morning and mid-afternoon naps.
Taking a bath, a soothing massage or even simply changing into fresh clothes could help the baby fall asleep.
Reading softly a story or humming a lullaby could also help.
Daily walk in fresh air could contribute to a good baby sleep.
When your baby’s cue of sleepiness like rubbing eyes, yawning or sucking fingers, its time for bed.
Wear your baby. It is soothing for baby to be held and it also helps in soothing away colic.
Offer a pacifier at nap time or bedtime.
Swaddling properly is also effective in soothing a sleepy baby.
Sometimes, putting the baby to bed awake but drowsy is more effective than putting the baby to bed already asleep. The sudden change from warm hug to bed could wake the baby.
If you need to breastfeed, or change diaper at night time, do it quietly and avoid talking to the baby at this time.
Be Consistent with your baby’s routine and it will pay off!

#GerifiedPH Questions:

Should we give our newborn a bath everyday?
Answer: Yes, everyday despite the weather, just make sure that the temperature is right.

Is it true that giving baby a bath before bedtime could make their lungs weaker?
Answer: No, taking a bath is not a source of sickness, viruses and bacteria are.

How about during fever? Should we or should we not give them a bath?
Answer: Yes, just make the timing right. And that is when the fever is low.

Be Prepared-ish with Blogger Lee Shen Gee Cala

For Mommy Shen, as long as you know who’s calling the shots, you’ll be fine.
If everyone needs an extra hand, parents’ need six, but unfortunately we only have two. There’s a big tendency for you to forget stuff, but as long as the baby’s fine, it’s ok.

When Kulayot was still a baby, he doesn’t want to wear pants or shorts. As in diaper lang. One time, nasa mall kami, nag-explode siya! In the end, we had to buy my dad a new shirt and pants kasi sobrang dami! Chocolate flavour pa!

Join the ToysRUs’ Wasn’t Prepared For Moments by telling your most unforgettable and funny moment with your baby and use the hashtag #TRUIWasntPreparedForMoment!

Nurture your Child’s Nature by Fisher Price’s Mr. John Michael Leabres

Did you know that age-appropriate toys could help babies have the best possible start in learning, because the easiest and fastest way of retaining what was learnt is by playing!

Fisher Price know this by heart, that’s why they partnered up with at least 127,000 babies and pre-schoolers to test toys with 1700 parents taking part in on-stie and in-home testing over the years. For 57 years, Fisher Price has formalized research on their PlayLab with more than 2,250 kid participants and more than 550 toy ideas tested tested annually.

Deborah Weber, Ph.D. Director of Early Childhood Development Research said “Children learn best through hands-on experience. So our designers watch and learn from how they play. It really helps us make better products.”

Three Core Developments for Growing Up Children

Physical Development growing body of children when busy in learning physical skills could pave way in all kinds of learning
Sensory Skills – five senses including hearing, seeing, touching and tasting are the first window to help children learn as it helps the brain to “light up” creativity and form ideas.
Fine Motor Skills – from grasping toys to holding a pencil, this development is under fine motor skill, when mastered could help kids play the guitar, draw a masterpiece and more.
Gross Motor Skills – huge physical milestones occur like hand and eye coordination that through play can be refined and acquire skills like shooting balls, or hitting goals.
Cognitive Development is the developmental milestone for the brain. Through play, the brain is challenge to question and create ideas or form thoughts.
Curiosity & Discovery – the sense of wonder and amazement on new things could help children learn more.
Problem-Solving – Figuring out how to solve simple things like matching shapes or colors. Answering the question how through play could turn children to scientists and engineers expecting the worst and from there, try to make feasible solutions.
Imagination & Creativity – Dreaming. This aspect of cognitive development focuses in answering the question “What If?” Being able to imagine limitless and create are the hallmarks of world thinkers.
Social & Emotional Development successfully expressing ideas, making new friends and being a good listeners to
Listening – Did you know that you could talk to your baby even during pregnancy and it is always a benefit for children to learn how to listen as early as possible?
Self-Expression and Confidence – children that feels good about themselves and has the ability to communicate their thoughts are essentially develop by playing toys with friends.
Security and Happiness – Emotional quotient has a vital role in growing kids. It’ll help them cope up with stress and gives them the ability to see the brighter side of things. It all comes down to being playful and happy during their childhood.

Truly, having fun while playing is the most sought-off way for parents and children to bond and form relationship, while learning new things for children, and discovering your children’s personalities for parents and guardians.

I LOVE YOU Massage by Nivea Baby Philippines’ Dra. Giselle Adasa and Registered Midwife Charo Pascual
Comparing an adult’s to a child’s skin, we could see how thinner the stratum corneum and epidermis is, making our baby’s skin more sensitive and prone to allergic reactions and dryness. One way of protecting our child’s skin is by proper cleansing.
Proper Cleansing - All cleansers have the ability to clean skin adequately, but the key in finding the right cleanser for your baby is its gentleness. Remember, to choose products using amphoteric or non-ionic surfactant and emulsifiers.
Appropriate Moisturization – No to too harsh fragrances, paraben preservatives and other derivatives. Look for occlusive ingredients like glycerine and humectants for gentle but effective moisturization.

Moisturizers replenishes water and lost nutrients in our skin by sealing in moisture, this will also help reduce drying and skin irritation. Water softens stiff cells, humectants keeps the eater in there and occlusive form barrier to lock moisture.

#GerifiedPH Questions:

How can we put lotion during summer while avoiding film-like feel?
Answer: Use lotion based/water based moisturizer during summer time and cream based at night or on cold season.

Can we use lotion during diaper time when water and soap is not available?
Answer: Unfortunately, we can’t because it could induce dermatitis.

Which comes first lotion or mosquito repellent?
Answer: Lotion to lock in moisture first, then mosquito repellent to keep insects at bay.

When can we start giving our babies massage?
Answer: We can start at 1 week with light massages.

Is it true that we should put oil on our baby’s back before taking a bath so they won’t feel cold?
Answer: There is no scientific study to prove this but since baby oil has warming properties, it may help in keeping the baby feel warm while taking a bath.

The event also held a Pregnancy Block that talked about creating birth plans, and Toddler and Family Block with Ford Philippines on how to keep our family safe during road trips and Insular Life on securing our child’s future with money saving strategies. Aside from discounted prices, special on-the-event offers, and fun-learning talks, the entire day was full of fun online contest games, booth activities and raffle prizes!

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