Milder, Milkier Cheez Whiz Mild!

My grocery list would not be complete without a cheese spread as it’s the most fun and easy way to keep the entire family from being hangry (anger due to hunger!); be it when we’re on the road or just at home, working.

It’s Cheez Whiz in a hot pandesal in the morning and freshly baked monay in the afternoon. It’s Cheez Whiz for no baked mac and cheese, and as a savory dip for finger food like taco chips, sliced carrots, cucumber discs and chopped cabbages! Clyot even like his pasta with just Cheez Whiz and Dabibot with his Cheez Whiz as a rice topping.

Whether for a quick bite or fun snack times, like baon for school, weekend roadtrip and middle-of-the-night cravings, Cheez Whiz will not let you down! Kids and kids-at-heart like yours truly simply can’t say no to the gooey, rich texture that Cheez Whiz consistently provide. It’s enticing!

And as the number one cheese spread brand in the Philippines, Cheez Whiz recognizes the requisite tastes that moms and kids love, and it’s to whip up and consume a hearty fill dish! Cheez Whiz is adept in turning snack time fun, nutritious and inventive with various cheeseventions you can basically google online. It’s hot stuff for bento moms even for moms like me who’s too busy to create a panda-wich (panda sandwich). What’s more? The brand recently launched a milder and milkier way to enjoy your cheese spread, the Cheez Whiz Mild!

Held last September 15 at Lane O, Bonifacio Highstreet BGC, Kraft Philippines launched the new Cheez Whiz Mild! Hosted by Ms. Dimples Romana, the boys and I enjoyed an afternoon of inPLAYtables with Celebrity Mom and Kid Guests Rica Peralejo and Philip Bonifacio!

Cheez Whiz Brand Manager, Ms. Rachelle Vitara announced, “Mondelez Philippines, the maker of Cheez Whiz Mild, aims to be the best snacking company in the country. To do this, we continue to work in providing consumers and we have found that moms and their kids also want to experience a different cheese taste, something milder and tastes milkier. Thus, Cheez Whiz Mild was born.”

Clyot even enjoyed creating his very own IMILDginative pillow and he was so proud of his design! :D
Dabibot was amazed at how Cheez Whiz's very own Cowcium daaaaance!

Cheez Whiz Mild is now available at all groceries and supermarkets nationwide and comes in a 220g jar for only Php 83.00 and in a 62 gram sachets for only Php 25.75.

Made with real cheese and perfectly blended with rich taste of milk, Cheez Whiz Mild will transport your taste buds into a world of softness and gooey blend of everything mild!

Compliment your snacking moments with milder and milkier cheese experience with Cheez Whiz Mild! As for my household, we’re gonna Cheez Whiz Mild our way to a mushroomy carbonara! Stay tuned for the recipe!

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