Dessert in a Bottle

Stop and smell the roses. This is an idiom that meant to remind us stop whatever we are busy about, we should every now and then pause to clear our heads; be calm and re-center our focus to matters that are of true importance. Stop and smell the roses meant to see the joy of simple things and restart your stressed mind.

Smelling something delightful is one way to remove stress and ace the interview; smelling good is vital in achieving our goals – hit the spot, yes including love-life, even Cleopatra knew it! What, she just filled her ship with hand-picked rose petals just to smell like a bouquet of roses before meeting her Mark Anthony.

But let’s be real here, we are in the digital world. Everyone is busy living the fast-paced lifestyle, good thing you can still smell delicious anytime, anywhere with Perfume Dessert!
It is a practice in my household to hold on to their hunger and smell the dishes first before devouring it. This will help them appreciate the effort of the one who cooks it as they entice their palate and anticipate the ingredients that was put in it, including love and wishes of health and joy coming from satisfying their appetite.

Last week, yours truly received a wonderful surprise from Perfume Dessert – delicious desserts in a bottle!

Perfume Dessert offers gourmand fragrances in Eau de Parfum (20-30% concentration). These have plenty of waft and staying power that could last for up to 8 hours. Perfect for travel, these 30 ml perfumes are housed in a bottle housed in a cute packaging!

Perfume Dessert is guaranteed 100% from the U.K.! How to check if its fake or not? Check the bar code! Products manufactured in the U.K. are 500-509 on the first three digits of the bar code.

Suggested retail price is Php 250.00. It's legit but cheap because of its simple packaging - no complicated bottle design, no fancy bottle cap! Just authentic luxurious perfume. I could even think that this is the minimalist version of high-end fragrances.

My, my! Perfume Dessert contains pheromones which have aphrodisiac properties. I bet Madam Cleopatra would hoard these if it was available in her times! Ha!

Let’s taste, smell them!

Sakura – the packaging instantly reminds me of the pink cherry blossoms! Lovely blooms that are sweet, fresh smelling and slightly fruity. Perf for work, school, and everyday wear.

Cucumber Melon Cooler - Mouthy name for big flavor scent! This green concoction is a bit humid, musky, with a clean smell of melon mixed with light white florals. Perfect for summer outings, and running errands under the sun.

Peach Borboun – Kulayot’s favourite. It smells like candy. Sweet, youthful and innocent. It smells like juicy peaches with a drop of apple and bourbon. Clyot is already wearing this scent everyday for school and I can’t help but smacked him with kisses and hugs before and after school. The scent is really long lasting.

Black Raspberry – my favourite! Warm, creamy gourmand sweetness like berry cobbler on vanilla ice cream! I’ve been using this for quite a while now. I’m actually breaking a sweat under my safety vest yet I’m smelling so divine! I keep on receiving complements from my head engineer! Who is my husband so no smelling fishy, ok! Haha! Kidding aside, the lingering sweet smell really last a long time even when I’m directly under the sun, sweating! Like what the hubby says, I’m berry irresistible! Pun intended!

Every scent can mean something and sentimental hence it’ll not hurt to be chary and curate scents as one can actually just sprints away and be nostalgic, remembering every beautiful detail of that moment.

The latest craze in the perfume industry, now here in the Philippines! Grab a dessert now  and be enticing anytime, anywhere!

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