Make Today Magical: DIY with Zenutrients

Home and Beauty Remedies using VCO (virgin coconut oil) was one of the activities I anticipated in the recently concluded Belle de Jour Power Planner 2019 Launch!

Concocting scents and remedies we could create just by using ingredients lying silently in our kitchen cupboards. The base in all of these? The amazingly versatile virgin coconut oil! Read on for more Zenutrients!

First off, why DIY your beauty and home essentials? 

These recent years, a lot of alarms and warnings has been raised regarding ingredients found in commercial beauty and home products - things like chemicals causing cancer, plastic polluting the water system and simply just plain bad for our health.

Creating your own beauty and home products also means bringing less packaging inside the house which means less waste to throw. No need for fancy mason jars, you can even use glass containers from previous condiments or spreads. You can reuse the container again and again, all you have to make sure is that it's sanitized every before and after use.

Not to mention, because its fun and refreshing compared to factory manufactured products. Plus, you'll know well what's inside and can personalized ingredients your products. You'll be pleased and proud in making and using your very own customized products. The freedom of choosing what to mix and the endless possibilities to be creative gives me bliss!


Zenutrients guided us in creating scents and effective remedies using VCO as the base. 

Fun Facts avout Virgin Coconut Oil:

It's rich in lauric acid which is known for its anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It helps in keeping out skin, hair and nails healthy. Helps in healing wounds, eczema and psoriasis. Plus, if coffee can darken your smile, VCO can whiten and strengthen them! Amazing!

Zenutrients is offering VCO in 1 liter containers, but you can also use Sunflower Oil as base as it is rich in Vitamin E and can be very soothing to sensitive and dry skin since its rich in squalene and is packed with antioxidants.

VCO and sunflower oil can be your base. Adding dried concoction into it depending on your preference or on whatever is available in the pantry. You just make sure that its dried and cut in small portions - gumamela leaves, sugar, dried green tea leaves, and orange peels for examples.

Here's the mixture you can make:

Make up Remover:
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Sunflower Oil
  • Virgin Coconut Oil +Sunflower Oil + Dried Calamansi Peel
Massage Oil:
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Eucalyptus Oil
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Olive Oil + Dried Ginger
Body Scrub:
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Sugar
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Salt
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Coffee
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Oatmeal
Hot Oil:
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Rosemary
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Olive Oil
  • Virgin Coconut Oil + Lemongrass
Room Fragrance:
  • Burner Oil: base oil + few drops essential oil
  • Room and Linen spray: 1/4 coconut oil, 3/4 water, few drops essential oil and/or dried herbs and peels

I was amazed on how we could actually use our everyday kitchen staple and on how the final product can make wonders. We made our very own therapeutic room scent spray, massage oil, makeup remover, hair hot oil and body scrub!

What I find good about this workshop was the simplicity of it. Simplifying everything by making products lenient (when it comes to ingredients) gave us the freedom to put what we really wanted - some wants green tea for its scent, other prefer lemongrass and some like yours truly hoarded on the dried ginger. Whatever floats your boat in your oil. 

Being versatile is another good thing. It's a plus for a budding minimalist. Owning one product that can do more than one task is superb. Room scent that can keep the mosquitoes away for one. Or a body scrub that acts as moisturizer, too!

Lastly, with the grave traffic jam in EDSA, you can just DIY your gifts to family and friends. Personalized it according to their favorites or style. It's easy, inexpensive and sentimental with all the personal touches.

What's more? You can even make your DIYs a start-up business especially if you already know the recipe by heart and as the first tester of your product, can vouch for it's effectiveness!

I wish I could make creating DIY beauty product a second nature. Thank you so much Zenutrients and Belle de Jour Power Planner for introducing me to the beauty of Essential Oils!

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