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As part of trying to live a holistic and minimalistic life, I for one ought to dine at home with the fambam as much as possible.

For one, it’s cheaper. We may have to exert more effort in planning the meals – grocery, dish to cook and how to properly cook it but we save more. What? An extra cup of rice usually cost almost a kilo of it in the market, and an upgrade where you already paid for your drink but you want to change it from soda to a juice drink (pineapple or iced tea) is equal to almost two sachet of powdered juice (that’s 2 litters of drink!)

For those who can’t say no to a group bundle or family deal promo or if you are just a big eater like me, it will trim down your options and hence, have to fight fewer temptations. You can’t suddenly crave for something that’s not in the table.
Have you ever ordered something from a restaurant, took a bite and realize it’s not fresh anymore? Well, if you dine at home more, you’ll be surprise on how good you are at knowing FIFO (first in, first out) in your fridge. You’ll always know what’s actually in your plate and the freshness of the ingredients.

Now that we are cooking more at home, we opt for healthier choices. Lesser salt, more vegetables like kangkong, kamote tops, okra, eggplant – all boiled without a single drop of oil. For sauces, freshly squeezed calamansi will do. I learned that although you don’t drink too much, our livers can still be fatty due to excess consumption of oil from fried street food and fast food chains.

Cooking at home makes us “cultured”. Aside from the typical Filipino dishes like adobo, sinigang and tinola, our dishes widen out because someone from the family learned how to cook sisig tofu, Japanese ramen, Korean kimchi, Russian grokis chicken and not to mention, baking!

The best part of dining in at home, it means more meaningful time with the family – from a stop to the local market, catch up while slicing ingredients, to cooking, setting the table, to finally praying together before devouring a scrumptious meal!

This flatlay setup was inspired by mom's favorite color, green!

When eating out, people nowadays, took photos first. Well, you can also do a flatlay of your proudly homemade dish and feel the aura of fine dining with Omega housewares! Afterall, kitchen is the heart of the home!

Yes! Get the family OMG! excited dining in first class at home with Omega!

Omega started out as thermos back in 1958 and has become a staple in every Filipino household for over 60 years! Being true to the brand’s name, Omega is the last, the finest modern everyday essentials you should get for your pantry, kitchen and shelf.

From vacuum thermal flasks, Omega broadens their products to glassware, kitchenware and other houseware like coffee presses, mugs, tumblers, pots, pans, plates and even utensils!

Do not let your beautiful china eat dust. Do not reserve your special plate for the special occasion, for the special guest.

You are the special guest, and every morning when you wake up is a special occasion!

Get your dining table instagram-ready and have an OMG! Omega moment everyday!

This ber month, Omega will give people OMG! Moments not just with new collections including bakeware, drink ware and stylish tableware but also with the OMG, the Omega Makeover Gang!

Every third month, Omega will bring a two-part kitchen makeover webisode on their official facebook page, that’s that features the OMG Makeover Gand together with graphic artist and stage designer CJ Francisco, body positive advocate and comedienne Cai Cortez and theatre actress and food/travel vlogger Mica Pineda. The threesome will bring OMG moment to new home and kitchen that needs extra love and revitalization with the help of Omega houseware’s variety of styles, collection, innovative kitchen pieces and home solutions with top-notch quality pieces!

Two-part pilot episode of OMEGA Makeover Gang will air on Facebook this October. Expect lifehacks, tips and snackable snippets on your wall, full blast until December!

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