Make Time for Your Kids

We always see parents portrayed excited to come home for their kids. Uwing uwi na kasi gusto na makapiling si baby. Sobrang nakukulangan sa time nila sa mga anak nila because of work, but they make sure to make bawi once in a while. 

Apparently, not all parents are like that.

In this blog post, I'll be highlighting the other side of the fence. I'll be retelling with you our share of experience from dealing with the result of this kind of parents.

Bullies are kids lacking parental guidance.

My son, a kinder prep student (I never imagined dealing with bullying in as early as kinder prep level. My son keeps on telling me that one of his classmate was very mean to him. What I always tell him was to stay away from that violent child and always tell your teacher what's happening) was pushed until he’s cornered. The bully even hit his head on the wall! Why? Because he touched his bag. First off, Makulit is different from biyolente (violent).

Do not make excuses, because bullying is unacceptable.

Apparently, this is not the first time (he physically and verbally abuse my son in school) and we are not the first victim!

Do you know what happened when parents are not involved in their children? They became violent due to lack of attention and when this come about, the children turns to monsters called bullies! And when your child is a kinder prep bully, you should be very alarmed! Gravely alarmed!

I take BULLYING SERIOUSLY. Once in grade school, my classmate's father went to school looking for me. He asked why (the petite me compared to her long legged daughter) did I smacked her daughter across the face. Well, she bullied me along side her two cronies and I had enough of it.

What I like from what happened back then was the reaction of the father. He genuinely said sorry, he made her daughter apologize to me and he nagged her daughter not to bully anyone anymore. Since then, his daughter and I became good friends.

Which by the way, is way different from my son's demise. The bully apparently was still mad because my son tapped his bag to light it. The mother and her bully child demanded us to say sorry first. Wow. Just wow!

My son recalled he got teary-eyed because of the pain from the bump but unfortunately, I didn't see genuine remorse from both parent and kid. We didn't even hear even a fake sorry. What's worse? They insisted my child should say sorry first because her kid doesn't like other kids touching his things.

Who should we blame for a kinder prep student to bully? PARENTS.

Yes, if your kid, in prep school is bullying others, your parenting style is NOT working. That is if you really parent your child.

Kids may bully for many reasons. They bully others to make themselves feel more important (because he doesn't feel this way at home).

Back to my son's case, it was bullying for the second time around. This ongoing pattern of violent, defiant and aggressive behavior only meant that the kid cannot manage his anger, frustration and other strong emotions - which again is the liability of parents.

He picked it up somewhere. Either from parents who gets frustrated because they are so busy to attend to their child or from unsupervised use of gadgets.

Well, if the latter is the case, ground him. If you can't control him. Throw away your gadgets. Unsubscribe to cable. Give away your TV! (That's sarcasm, if you can't read between the lines!!!)

BUT usually, their behavior at school is a copy of what they see at home. Besides, the fruit will not fall far from the tree, wika nga. So kung gusto natin mag-adjust ang anak natin, tayo ang unang magbago dahil dependents natin sila.

If you do not have time to spare for your child. PLEASE. Put down your gadget and focus on your kid! He's becoming a monster!!!

But. Ok so here's the bright side. "Yung sungay ng anak mo, pwede pa matabas. Don't lose hope and sell your kid to the instik beho just yet.  Bitawan mo ang gadget mo at makipag-bonding sa anak mo with Jollibee's Jolly Spaghetti!


Last Thursday, Jollibee invited Gerilen and jer sons for an afternoon of Parent-Child Bonding Session. Read more about it here.

It’s always hard for me to delete even the blurriest photo of my kids, thinking about it, I’m subconsciously was and is still trying to freeze time.

Ihanda ang tissue at abangan ang isa na namang ginalingang TVC from @jollibee!

Jolly Spaghetti’s newest video captures parent-child bonding na walang kasing-sarap:

This TVC will also remind parents to create meaningful conversations and quality time with their kids. Huwag iasa sa gadgets, huwag iasa sa yaya at lalong huwag idahilan na busy, dahil nagtatrabaho tayo para sa kanila. Kaya ironic kung wala ka time sa anak mo dahil sa trabaho.

Kung hindi effective ang parenting style mo, it won’t hurt (it will actually benefit you, your child and people around your child) to learn from other parents. Why and how parents be involved with their kids soon on the blog.

To the parents of my child's bully, please do away with your gadgets and spark meaningful convo with your kid while eating Clyot's favorite #JollySpaghetti! For sure, fave din 'yan ng anak niyo.


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