Unboxing: Althea Korea Birth Month Packages!

Althea Korea knows how to keep their angels happy - that is by giving generous reward points on their birth month!

Fast forward came November, my birth month and Angel Syahira of Althea Korea was one of those who greeted me first through my e-mail!

It;s my birth month and Althea Korea prepared a very special gift only for me. It's one of their sweet ways to show that they value yours truly as an active (albeit noob) member of the prestigious Althea Angels Community. 

The Althea headquarters already credited my birthday points so I can browse the site for my personalized Korean beauty stash!

Sharing with you the things I got, watch the video and unbox with me!

Here's the breakdown of what I got including their individual prices and SKUs. Note that some of these products are on-sale when I purchased them using my Althea points (1 reward point = 1 Philippine Peso).

Silky Perfect Foot Peeling Pack (20mlx2_1 Pair)  CAMFP001          ₱200
Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base (9g)             TMYPD003          ₱290     
Everyday Mask 1 Sheet (25g) Aloe BDAMS001    ₱20        
Everyday Mask 1 Sheet (25g) Lemon-Lime BDAMS006    ₱20        
Be Moist Moisturizing Eye Stick (9g)        PRTES001             ₱190
Banchic Oil Control Powder Mist (30ml) TRDBM001          ₱250     
Nourishing Multi Oil Serum (45g)              PRTNS001            ₱300     
Backgel Eye Liner (4g) Black TMYBS007   ₱290     
Jeju Aloe Vera 95% Soothing Gel (300ml)              ROSAV001           ₱120
Argan Glow Hair Oil (110ml)         CFMAO001         ₱520     
Rose Hip Perfume Hair Care Water Essence (150g)           ARDRH002           ₱300     
Everyday Mask Set 10 Sheets (25g) Berry BDAMS011      ₱180       
Scrub Wash Raspberry Mint (300g)          PLUSW003          ₱380     
Perfume Hand & Nail Cream (60g) Lavender Floral NPTHC003      ₱80        
New Pureness 100 Mask Sheet (21ml) Snail TMYPM002 ₱40

Did you noticed something?

Althea Korea has a wide variety of Korean beauty products! From makeup, skincare, even hair and body! What's more? It's so affordable! Cheap prices for quality Korean products! They even offer free shipping fee for orders Php999.00 and up!

Want to shop at Althea Korea? Naega, Althea Angel-eul itjjana! (I, your Althea Angel, got you!) Use my code:



and get 20% off on your first purchase! Happy Shopping!

 Chongmal kamsahamnida (Thank you very much), Althea Korea!


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