Ateneo Bullying Scandal

I never imagined dealing with bullies at kindergarten level. Yes, my son was a victim of bullying. The parents are hambog (conceited), the school, lenient.  You can read all about it here.

That's why when I saw the video, I didn't just scroll up. I shared, I waited for updates. I even commented on several posts.

First off, the students who took the videos and uploaded it, did so, to make more fun of the bullying incident. In short, they wanted to show-off!

Some online institutions including the school involved condone the sharing of the videos - they have their reasons, for the underage privacy and to avoid sharing hate, but this is more than that.

Well, let me tell you. I shared articles including the videos on my personal social media account to GIVE AWARENESS. AWARENESS, people!

Did you read my intro? My 5 year old son was bullied inside his classroom! And I never thought that at his age he would experience such a belittling violent gesture from his classmate REPEATEDLY!

 *Photo not mine

Imagine protecting your child from birth, thriving to give them the best, including choosing and putting them into trusted private institution to secure their education only to find out that they are bullied and the school tolerated? How do you think the parents will feel???

It's not sharing hate people! It's to give awareness that not everyday is sunshine and rainbows, that EVIL exist, that bullying is real and it can cause you your son/daughter's life! (The victim in the video requires a surgery! If that's true, it's a lawsuit waiting to happened!) That even in institutions like schools, where we thought would be one of the safest place for our kids to be, can be a ground for this EVIL to happen.

To give parents awareness that there is no such thing as different parenting styles, if your kid is a bully, you fail parenting your child and that it won't hurt to learn how to do it correctly.

Mind you, it's their SECOND HOME! They use more than half of their day, and more than half of their year inside the school!

Can you imagine what might happened if the video didn't go viral?

The bully will grow into a bigger monster!

Personally as a parent, I would definitely give the parent's bully some jail-time (although we know they can bail out), since the bully involved is a minor, put him to rehab, while the victims take medical check ups and psychological therapy at the expense of the bully's parents. And the school! Who for several years tolerated this act should have their DepEd accreditation revoked! One of DepEd's basic requirement for school accreditation is child's safety and the school for several years tolerated this evilness despite several parents complaints.

But that's just me. You can read and scroll up as if nothing happened OR YOU CAN SHARE TO KEEP EVERYONE AWARE -


THE SCHOOL TAKING A BLIND EYE. Correct me if I'm wrong. The school tolerated the bullying of both brothers for years, proving that the school is NOT providing safe environment for learning. The school should have a strict guideline and standard procedure when it comes to bullying. Other schools will learn from this incident as well. It's time to have a more concrete PROTOCOL under the file name: BULLYING.

THE CONCEITED PARENTS. If my kid is a bully, I would do everything to appease and make amends to the victim and to the parents. The parents of these bullies however ignore, tolerated even, the violent behaviors of their sons. AND I CAN RELATE.  Did I mention? My kid's bully and his bully's parents NEVER APOLOGIZED to us.

THE VIOLENT CHILDREN. They will realize that their actions have consequences. Their parents may not teach them, but LIFE WILL!

Again, sharing the video is not spreading HATE, its spreading awareness that not everyday is rainbow and sunshine, that EVIL exist, that bullies can alter your child's life or worse take it away!


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