You have the Power to Reshape the Future

Scarlet Snow Belo traveled to Nestle's headquarters in Switzerland to investigate what's inside her Nestle Nankid.

Switzerland has been celebrated for majestic sceneries and gorgeous destinations. Located at the very heart of Europe, it boasts of glacier-capped Swiss Alps that glisten its royal beauty down to its enticing cities. The country is also synonymous for topnotch products and novelties, be it from the world of design and life innovations.

Exploring new parts of the world, whether its a weekend trip to the beach, or heading off to another continent, is always an extraordinary experience, and want to see it through the eyes of Philippines' most famous child online, Scarlet Snow, daughter of Dra. Vicky Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho, then keep on reading!
Scarlet Snow experienced a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Nestle's Swiss HQ. The sprawling center with breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, is where world class products especially made for growing children are developed. She excitedly explored the various rooms and instruments that were used in different scientific studies and discovered many new things, too.

Based in the town of Vevey, Henri Nestle founded Nestle more that 150 years ago and is acknowledged for its excellence and tradition of quality as its foundation and hence become the world's largest food and beverages company. What's more? It has helped enhance the quality of people's lives for generation through its various innovations in nutrition such as the Nankid Optipro Four.

Little Miss Belo had the opportunity to also meet brilliant science experts and big bosses who works in there like Alex Keller, the Global Category Head of Nestle Infant and Growing Up Milks, and Marco Turini, the Global Head for Scientific Affairs for Nestle. The experts in turn were also happy to meet their little cute visitor, as they patiently explained their latest innovations to her, including how they engineered Scarlet Snow's favorite milk, Nestle Nankid.

Dedication For Innovation: Championing Child Nutrition

Through the years, Nestle has invested in Research and Development, especially in nutrition innovations. The company now hosts 3,500 scientists, located in 17 research centers around the world.

Scarlet Snow's tour started with the milk formulation, they explained why Nestle NANKID is adopted for kids, that is, because of the essential vitamins, minerals and DHA present in the milk. These ingredients are showed to her while they discussed about the importance of no added sucrose aka table sugar in the milk. It sure is a healthy choice for growing up milk.

Optimized Protein is one of the most important nutrients for a growing kid's development as it contribute in building brain, muscles and body parts. The optimized protein found in Nestle NANKID is of high quality, low quantity protein optimal for weight and development advantage.

Scarlet Snow also learned that Nestle NANKID has probiotics! It helps in supporting the immunity to keep body healthy as it fights of viruses and give digestive system a boost to destroy bad bacteria in the gut.

Check out #Kulayot opening up his NANKID gift!

Taking it all in, Scarlet Snow discovered that all good things she get from her Nankid milk will fortify her to be future-ready! Childhood is all about learning, growing and experiencing new things, every experience contributes to child's mental, emotional, and over-all development; hence, with proper nutrition, including optimized protein that Nestle Nankid provide, growing children will reach and achieve their full potential.

Give your kids proper nutrition with NANKID! Help give your kids the chance for the best future with the latest learnings in proper parenting and optimized nutrition from NANKID! As for Scarlet Snow, she learned that growing up with involved parents can give kids the potential to be their best. The role of hands-on parents are important in reshaping the future of their children for the better.

We parents have the power to #ReshapetheFuture of our children. Be hands-on and truly care for your kids, besides, they're only a child once. 

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