ChocoVit Syrup: The First Chocolate Flavored Multivitamins for Kids

Every parent’s nightmare are kids getting sick; and every kid’s nightmare, even for some adults includes taking in medicine. Well, not anymore! 

Chocolate for vitamins? Genius! Chocovit is the first ever chocolate-flavored multivitamins for kids. Made from Germany, this gooey substance is viscous with goodness and nutrition that will surely keep you and your child happy.

ChocoVit Syrup is a delicious multivitamin supplement for kids. It is packed with a wide range of Vitamin B complex and other vital vitamins like Vitamins A, D, E, and Zinc – all essential for our child’s growth and development.

Check out how Kulayot and Dabibot has to say on this chocolatey multivitamins in the video below:

This is not our first encounter to this sweet treat, check out my previous post <HERE> about ChocoVit and see how we used to make them gulp gooey medicines and how ChocoVit help that problem resolved. ChocoVit Syrup doesn’t contain any traces of cocoa but is rich in chocolatey flavour, making it the perfect nutritious dessert replacement or chaser for medicines for kids and adults who can’t tolerate bitterness. YES to chocolate chaser!

I honestly, prefer using ChocoVit as chaser to anything tasting ugh including, guess what? Vegetables! Although the boys eat the broc and the carrot, some like ampalaya (bittergourd) are hard to swallow. Why not promise the reward of ChocoVit after a bowl of tortang ampalaya, right?

Reward your kids the gift of growth, health and happiness by giving them a dose of ChocoVit Syrup every day!

Available nationwide at all Mercury Drugstores and for online orders via Facebook.

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