Wear Your Sweetness with Perfume Dessert!

What’s your favorite dessert? For a sweet tooth like yours truly, you really can’t be loyal to just one, let's just say that each sweet treat has a special place in my palate. When confronted by a table filled with sweets for grazing, the rule is you gotta try them all! A little sweet won’t hurt, right? 

A bit of fruit tart here, half of a macaron, a lick or two on my kid's ice cream cone, a scoop of whatever is scrumptiously looking there on the grazing table maybe, but let’s face it, most of the time, we can’t have the cake and eat it, too! And yet again, we shouldn’t be discouraged! Who said dessert only comes in the form of food?

If you can’t have more than enough sweet, or if you shouldn’t have any because of whatever reason, why not just be the sweet?

With the newest addition to Perfume Desserts Philippines line of London Fragrances, one can never have enough!

Look what Cleopatra did just to smell sweet here à  http://www.gerifiedph.com/2018/09/dessert-in-bottle.html

Once of the things I like about Perfume Dessert is the simple packaging. Simple in this product meant elegance and smart – no complicated bottle design, no fancy bottle cap, yet authentic luxurious perfume. The travel-friendly Perfume Dessert fragrances bottle is even housed in a cute carton case. Perfect for souvenirs and just-because gift-giving!

The best part about Perfume Dessert is that its guaranteed 100% from the U.K. with 20-30% eau de parfum concentration, these 30ml perfumes have plenty of waft and stays for as long as 8 hours!

Aside from the previous collection – Sakura, Cucumber Melon Cooler, Peach Borboun and Black Raspberry (which is my favourite), Perfume Dessert Philippines now offer more fragrance selections.

Apple Pomegrenate, Cake Pops, French Macaron, and Strawberry Shortcake. My favorites in this batch are Fruit Tart and Gum Drop! Men can be sweet, too with Perfume Desserts' Orange Mimosa Sherbet! Hubby liked the fragrance and kept it for himself! 

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