Wyeth's Promama: Baby's First Gift To You!

Confirming that your expecting gives a whirlwind of emotions – excited, fearful and most of all, curious about the little bundle of joy that you’ll soon be welcoming not just in your arms, but for the rest of your life. I think this kind is the famous “love is blind”– you haven’t seen the baby yet but you already love the baby so much! Actually, thinking about the baby while in labour will boost your oxytocin that will help you push the baby out, I know because I personally experience it. And of course, the “love-at-first-sight” – the moment you lay your eyes on the baby, the baby’s first skin-to-skin, first latch, first everything! I missed being pregnant. Getting the privileges – like the special connection with my little bump, the kicks and summersaults.

Their first heartbeat, their first ultrasound picture. Everything is a first for both you and your baby!
Promama has introduced something special for pregnant moms today and yours truly got the privilege to witness this latest innovation that will surely give pregnant moms their first gift from their unborn! Yes, this is unreal but real!

Promama has just launched a unique device, a machine that will detect the baby’s movements as early as the third trimester and convert the unique pattern into an exceptional work of art.

Discussion with Dr. Jinky Jordias, OB-Gyn and Expert Momma Mrs. Patty Laurel.

Expectant moms who attended the event had the unexpected gift like no other! The experience itself allows the mom to see a real time creation of her unborn’s gift in the making. The Baby’s First Gift To You device detects the movement of the baby in the womb and translate it into a colourful unique pattern.

Wyeth Nutritionist, Ms. Jong Icasiano said that pregnant moms would be surprised to know that their unborn’s brain is up to 25 percent developed by 28 weeks. Using Baby’s First Gift technology, moms will see the baby’s development in action even while still inside the womb, even the artwork will be unique everytime – created just for them.

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the baby’s health and brain development, and choosing the right maternal milk is a key factor to support the journey of a healthy pregnancy.

Every pregnancy is unique, and every pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. It is the root of motherhood and needs proper care to ensure maternal and fetal health. Choosing the right maternal milk for pregnant moms can help their babies get the best start in life giving them the upper hand for a bright tomorrow.

Help give you baby a strong start by drinking Wyeth Promama! Lowin fat, this delicious vanilla flavoured milk is nutritionally designed to support women during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation period. Scientifically formulated with essential nutrients, it support overall health of both mom and the baby’s physical and mental development.

Promama contains 5 key brain nutrients such as Folic Acid, DHA, Choline, Iodine, and Iron with lesser calories than other maternal milk and higher Oligofructose versus previous formulation to help prevent constipation.

Learn more about PROMAMA, visit their official website at https://www.wyeth.com.ph/brands/promama/.

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