Fresh Ka Pa Ba? Mag-#FruitasShakeMuna!

I don't know about you, but when it's too hot, I thirst for something cool and refreshing! Sometimes, I crave for something that isn't healthy - ice cold cola for one, or artificial milk-tea. Familiar, right But since I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle, I stay away from soft drinks and minimize my milktea consumption by having other alternative refreshing drinks! At home, we try to blend fresh watermelon with apples and lemons for one, or I just drink plain water if I knew I had enough sugar for the day already.

But when you're outside, it's a different story. Specially if you are on a road trip, and needed the extra booze from the sweets. Well, if we all want to feel good and look like a million buck without breaking the bank and harming your body, then let's shake it like Sarah G.!

Yes! Feel and look like the pop star this summer, by first, shaking off all your stresses and beating the summer heat by dancing them away with Fruitas’ shakes together with the queen of pop, Sarah Geronimo!

Sarah Geronimo, the newest Fruitas brand ambassador truly embodies the freshness and energy that comes with being healthy and happy. Like her, we also had a habit to take fruits everyday, banana for us, especially the local saba because it's cheap, knowing that a fruit a day is a great way to prevent a lot of diseases and that saba can help reduce weight. Ehem.

Fruitas Holdings Inc. is the leading group in the food cart industry in the Philippines. Since its first stall opened in 2002, the group now has 1000 stores all over the country and over 20 brands in its portfolio, which includes well-loved food concepts Fruitas fresh from Babot’s Farm, Fruitas Ice Candy, Black Pearl, Buko Loco, Juice Avenue, Friends Fries, The Mango Farm, Halo Halo Islands, Johnn Lemon, Shou Hand Pulled Noodles, Cindy’s Candy Cloud and Fancie.   For more information, you may visit: 

One way to meet your daily fruit requirement is to take juices and Sarah G knows it's a smart and easy way to consume the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. 

To get everyone into this healthy, refreshing habit, Fruitas Holdings Inc. launched their latest “Fresh Ka Pa Ba?” campaign through a grand launch held last March 22 at the Le Village Food Park in Quezon City. The event was jam-packed with Popsters and friends from the media, wherein the company officialy introduced Sarah Geronimo as the newest face of Fruitas!

This grand celebration of living a healthy lifestyle was highlighted by several Fruitas dance and jingle on-the-spot competition. Guests had the chance to participate in lots of fun and showcased their talents in the activities, including a photo booth that let them show off their #FruitasShakeMuna dance moves. 

To get things shaking, Fruitas kicked-off the #FruitasShakeMuna dance contest to get everyone on the road to health and wellness! 

#FruitasShakeMuna Online Dance Promo


1. Like and follow Fruita's official social media accounts Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @fruitasshakes

2. Download #FruitasShakeMuna jingle here:

3. Take a video of you doing your own cover of the #FruitasShakeMuna dance holding a Fruitas cup.

4. Upload the video as public post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

5. Your caption should inform the audience why you stay fresh and choose only Fruitas shakes as the ultimate refresher. Do not forget to include the hashtag #FruitasShakeMuna on your post.

6. Tag and challenge three (3) of your friends to do the same.

Promo Duration: March 22 to April 22, 2019
Announcement of Winners: May 6, 2019

“This year, we want to make every Filipino’s summer fresh despite the heat. And what better way to do it than with a fresh Fruitas shake and dancing! It can make you healthy and make you feel great all the time. I really hope everyone can join the #FruitasShakeMuna dance contest and experience how the refreshing goodness of Fruitas juices can help you achieve good health,” said Fruitas Holdings Inc. President and CEO Lester Yu. 

Join the summer fun with Fruitas today! Upload your own #FruitasShakeMuna dance cover with a caption on why you choose Fruitas as your ultimate refresher on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; and be one of the five winners to win P20,000 and a year’s supply of Fruitas! 

You too can say no to stress and yes to fresh. Look good and feel good with Fruitas this summer! For more information about the #FruitasShakeMuna dance contest, you may visit Fruitas on and


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