Let Your Kid Bask in the Sun Dahil #SaLaroNatututo

It's Summer Time! Can you imagine the warm summer day? What's the first thing in your mind. Wa it like some of the families, picturing their selves soaking in the sun, are excited for all the Summer activities they can do in the playground, pool area, the seashore... but there are some, kids and parents alike that may opt to stay inside an air-conditioned room and just play video games, watch TV or just scroll down YouTube endlessly for hours on end! Well, Johnson's encourages parents to learn the benefits of active play. Be it in the backyard, garage, or playground, zooming down the slide or zipping across different play stations - the children;s laughter that fills the air is very contending. Hearing your child laugh is one of the purest form of sounds a parent can hear. It feels your heart and soul with joy. Seeing them play to their heart's content is a very unique and irreplaceable feeling, as well.

"To a child, the world is a huge playground where they can create and image anything they want. What we at Johnson's want to highlight is that playing doesn't end at fun. It really is about learning through free play where they can gain skills like teamwork, creativity, problem solving and body coordination," said Alde Po, Senior Brand Manager of Johnson's Philippines.

This year's annual Play Days program of Johnson's Baby brings bigger than life run. It is an effort created way back 2012 wherein it brings to light the importance of playing in the role of children’s learning.

Each year, Johnson's Baby wants to make playtime more meaningful and this time, it puts focus on the idea of Play to Learn (Sa Laro  Natututo).

"We have noticed playing is becoming less of a priority to moms and dads when playing is actually where a child builds many foundational life skills they need. We want to bring the fun into learning with an event that teaches mom and dad how play time can be enjoyable and educational as well. We also made sure to give parents various tips that they can do from the comfort of their own home so the fun does not stop with the event." Alde added.

When it comes to playing with your children, Johnson's Baby sure knows that it is not just all fun and games. Parents are encouraged to make sure that they allot enough time to play to promote cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development.

Last March 24, 2019 in the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, JOHNSON'S® launched Play Days 2019: Sa Laro Natututo - an effort hat acknowledges the importance of play and how it can benefit your children. Different play zones at the event like the Blue Think Tub, Pink Showdabce Zone, Yellow Imagiland, and Flower Zone truly made ay learning experience into an entertaining adventure for any wide-eyed toddler. These four zones highlighted how a child can learn different skills like problem-solving, self-expression, communication, and flexibility. As a result of levelled-up play day, Johnson's incorporated their Johnson's Baby Powder Blooms, Johnson's most fragrant powder that will be every mommy's hero when the summer heat comes creeping in and your little ones need a powder that can keep them fresh for up to 8 hours as they stay out to play. Johnson's Powder Blooms along with Johnson's Shiny Drops Shampoo levels up the fragrance for a long lasting, refreshing no tears play day!

Johnson's Play Day Sa Laro Natututo is call for all parents to recognize the importance of your little one to be outside experiencing life actively instead of being confined to a world they only see through any digital screen. Active play allows your children to learn firsthand about everchaging world and gives them the opportunity to have a multi-sensory understanding of the beautiful planet they live in.

Being the leader in baby care and as a company that understands the needs of mothers and fathers in giving the best care for babies and kids, these Johnson's Baby products ensure the freshness of your kids in their need to play outdoors while keeping them protected from any yucky odors ans sticky inconveniences that come with their daily adventures.

Clyot and Dabibot appreciate the colorful set-up at the Johnson's Play Day Sa Laro Natututo Event

Join Johnson's in this movement and see how free, active play will change your little ones and help them become the person you always dreamed for them to be. Sound off by posting a photo of yourself and your child during your happy play time moments and how Johnson's Baby is the Presko Bango partner. Use ths hashtag #SaLaroNatututo #JohnsonsActiveKids #PlayDays2019 and tag @johnsonsbabyph.

JOHNSON'S® Baby Active Kids Range are available in leading supermarkets, drug stores and department stores nationwide.


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