Be more Active with 24-hour Protection

Who knows someone who loves to smell like a foot dipped in vinegar? Or something closer to that kind? Well, if you love going to the gym, play sports, has to go through everyday hustle like commuting, or if you're like me who soaked in the sun in my safety vest...

You're not asking for it, but it happen. Deodorants are working on the pit area, but how about the rest? Besides, our entire body is full with pores that secretes sweat, right? Right. And sometimes, masking it with perfume will only make it worse!

Well now you can sweat without sweating it out! It's been a while since Downy Philippines launched its newest variant, the Downy Sports through their 24-Hour All-Star Freshness Challenge with Nico Bolzico and Alex Gonzaga that you can read here.

Yours truly also got the chance to test Downy Sports for an entire week and here's what our family got to say...

Yes, everyone including my kids got to try the effects of the Downy Sports on their everyday clothes including Cloyt's uniform. Running around before and after school, he still smells fresh. I literally rub his clothes on and I smelled the perfume bubbles.

As for my case, well, employees in the construction industry are exposed to high levels of hazardous risk hence it is a must to wear a hardhat and other devices included and necessary in Personal Protective Equipment or PPE like reflectorized vest, steel-toe shoes, and rubber gloves. As mentioned earlier, extreme heat causes excessive sweat, not just on the pit, but all over causing body odor!

After a week of putting #DownySports in my kid's uniform and working clothes, we experienced first hand the 24hour deodorant protection even during intense everyday hustle!

  •  It is a first of it's kind - Downy Sports is the first and only fabric enhancer in the market today that has the ability to give freshness in its 24-hour deodorant technology.

  • 2) Rub it in - All you have to do is rub your palms on your clothes to activate the fragrance. Heat caused by friction releases the perfume bubble in the air, guaranteeing smelling fresh all day long.

With Downy Sports, I felt and smelt like winning the Miss Universe Crown! :P

Downy Sports i now available in all major retailers nationwide, can also be bought online via Shoppee and SRP at Php 5.00 per sachet!


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