Show You Care with Hershey's Chocolate!

Everyone is free to share love to anyone, it is actually encouraged to share love - whether it be with your lover, family, friends, even strangers! Yes, strangers especially those who needs our help the most.

Why giving is better than receiving, it's true because it's in the Bible and scientific studies shows the same result!

Giving reduces stress. Showing someone you care affects his/her hormones, and it also affects yours - all in a positive way!

Giving boosts your immunity! Feeling happy and loved by the people you love releases antibody found in mucous membranes like our gastrointestinal tract fights antigens.

Showing you care even by simple gestures, like giving Hershey's Kisses can make both of your days a little brighter! 

I give Hersheys Kisses for a job well done. We also use it as pancake topping and mini-smores! We will be sharing these recipes on a separate blog post!

Show you care with Hershey's Chocolate! Also, get your limited edition Hershey's packs now. Available in all leading grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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