Women, Drive the Future!

March is International Women's Month and Pilipinas Shell's 105th year here in the Philippines. To highlight this double celebration, Pilipinas Shell, the global leader in power and energy launched a campaign together with A1 Driving School Philippines to provide a platform that will empower #ladydrivers to take control in making the future and help erase the stigma against women behind the steering wheels.

The campaign aims to help drive out gender stereotypes and support the many meaningful journeys that women embark on their everyday lives. Dubbed as "Women! Drive the Future" campaign, it also serves as a call-out to all women to embrace their capability to believe and trust in their competence while embracing their passions and go to where they wanted to go.

Before getting our hands dirty. ☺️#empoweredwomen #womendrive
 On the photo:  Host Riki Flo, Car Racer Michelle Bumgarner, Baby Barangay Mommies Bianca, Kelly and Patty, Girls Racers Club Directress Rowie Abracero, with the Media including yours truly, Beth of Girly Girl Raising Moms and Ms. Bea of Daily Tribune Philippines. (Grabbed from A-1 Driving School Philippines Facebook Page)

Pilipinas Shell aim to provide a better experience and enhance the journeys of their female customers, hence, the company took initiatives to partner with brands and companies with the same values.

1) SM Advantage. - We all know that shopping is a form of therapy for some, for others it's a long-winding drive but for lady drivers, it's both!

Did you know? Shell and SM Advantage, the country's biggest retailer, has an ongoing partnership, a loyalty program that will reward you every time you fuel up or use other services on any Shell Stations nationwide. You'll get points for your SM Advantage card that you could use to purchase on any SM Supermalls.

2) Upgraded Shell Stations - Aside from providing your essential road trip needs - refueling of tank gas, oil fluids, refill of water/air stations and other motoring technical services, Shell Stations are also designed to provide convenient and refreshing retail experience to their customers by providing well-appointed comfort rooms and a Shell Select and Deli2go that offers a wide range of healthy products and road-trip snacks!

One of my favorite pit stop for long drive in the North is in Shell Station in Sison, Pangasinan because of the well-maintained comfort rooms with air-conditioning, bidet, and wash room complete with hand-wash foams and other toiletries. You can really refresh yourself for the long drive ahead!

3) A-1 Driving School - Pilipinas Shell is also partnering with the leading driving school network in the country to strengthen their movement to empower women behind the wheels.

And to strengthen their movement to empower women, Pilipinas Shell is partnering with the leading driving school network in the Philippines, A-1 Driving School. With their expertise in providing driving education, A-1 supports the campaign’s goal to break the stigma through knowledge sharing.

#WomenDrive: As a work-at-home mom, driving is a necessity. I need to drive my kids to school sometimes, running errands like paying bills or grocery shopping and most importantly, driving to several location for construction site inspections. When you’re a #freelancer, you’re car is basically your office, too!
But, learning how to drive a stick manual isn’t enough.
#ladydriver should also know how her machine works so I won’t be a damsel in distress when my tires got flat, battery dead or oil in critical level. Actually, I’m planning to learn mechanics of engine very soon so I can weld loose pieces or make a drive out of scrap. A girl can dream! And I’m telling you, it could happen! 👊🏼 Let’s break the stereotyping of #ladydrivers and get the respect we deserve by equipping ourselves with knowledge not just on the road and traffic rules, but also on tinkering our machine.

Watch the video to see the live action:

The Drive the Future campaign was launched last March 16 at Blackbird at the Neilson Tower in Makati. Ms. Luna Garcia, Business Development Head stresses that the dependency of Filipinos to learn driving through informal means may create potential risks on the road.

Also present in the program was Ms. Rowie Abracero, Directress of the Girls Racers Club Philippines which is the first all-female car enthusiasts club in the country. Hosted by Riki Flo of Magic 89.9, the women in the launch had an open discussion about driving out stereotypes and supporting both sexes equal rights on the road.

Racecar driver Michele Bumgarner, and Baby Barangay members Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Patty Laurel-Filart, and Bianca Santiago together with A-1 Driving School Instructors and Pilipinas Shell Representatives

The “Women on Wheels” program tackles road safety—from identifying road signs to changing tires. “We want to emphasize that there are numerous preventive measures that we can take to minimize accidents. You start with following the rules, driving defensively, and ensuring proper vehicle maintenance,” Garcia noted.

“We want to bring together women to talk about how they take on the road ahead of and how they can use this to take control of their lives. We at Shell believe that, through this campaign, we will be able to better understand and subsequently address the needs of every female driver,” said Vanessa Ejercito, Shell FuelSave Brand Manager.

“We believe that driving is a skill that every woman should have. And through this program, we foresee a future where there will no longer be a distinction of gender but only between an educated and misinformed driver.”

With the increasing number of women behind wheels, the company came up with a program to equip female drivers proper knowledge, not just on driving but also on the usual check ups and maintenance of their cars - that will eventually help in proving that stereotyping lady drivers is wrong.

In the event, the ladies and part of the media participated in the hands-on demo and training of A-1 Driving School wherein they got refresher course on changing tires, dealing with a dead battery, and performing a lubricant check.

The campaign launch is the first of three activations in spreading the call for lady drivers to run the future. Pilipinas Shell, together with its partner, A-1 Driving School aims to flip the stigma against females behind wheels and empowering all women across the country with upcoming events in Cebu and Davao.

Thank you so much Pilipinas Shell for having me. I learned a lot and had so much fun while getting down and dirty. Such a very empowering experience!

For more information, visit www.shell.com.ph


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