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#SelfLove: Embracing your unique beauty is empowering. ♥️ At 20, I got a tattoo on my upper left back. A memoir of a successful open heart surgery, and the start of my second life.
At 24, I got pregnant on my first born son, #kulayot. NSD but blood disorder causes me to feel lethargic; steroid therapy helped in getting me going, but later, steroid kept me from my previous figure and deprivation from it gave me problems, skin among others.
At 28, I had emergency cesarean section due to baby’s heartbeat down to 60hbpm, leaving me with a saved bouncing #dabibot, another 6 inch scar across the abdomen and two Fallopian tubes ligated, apparently the reproductive department can carry more babies but the scarred heart couldn’t anymore, causing hormonal imbalance with complete pimple package. A start of my 3rd life. ♥️ At 31, I’m embracing all that plus a curved spine - thoracic levoscoliosis as a long term effect of my surgery.

My ultimate beauty shines through the moment I embrace confidence not just in trusting my ability to think critically especially when engineering structures and taking care of the kids but also in my body as well with all the surgical scars and tiger stripes, name it I have it! Still here I am still silly, alive and kicking!
And when it comes to skin, I know that with @myraphilippines, I’ll look and feel my best! The newest anti-aging skin supplement to help achieve youthful, beautiful skin that lasts!
Together, let’s empower every Filipina to be confident in showing her brilliance, seize every opportunity, and exemplify standout beauty regardless of age. 
As an #empoweredwoman, I wear many hats - mom, engineer, blogger, driver, and recently escort lady and lady mechanic, now with #MyraUltimate, I can be a #BeautyQueen!

Myra Ultimate is a dietary supplement containing

2mg of Astaxanthin - an antioxidant that help improve skin radiance and body endurance. It also cares for the heart and relieves body from joint pain.

1.8mg of Lycopene - another powerful antioxidant that protects skin from the sun, improved heart health and a good prevention for cancer.

10IU of Vitamin E - apart from preventing coronary heart disease, support immunity, prevent inflammation, lower risk of cancer and promote eye heath, Vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant that helps in healing and reducing UV damaged skin.

Myra Ultimate basically helps you reserve or pause time, for a longer, younger-looking skin!

TIP: When drinking Myra Ultimate, drink plenty of fluids, most especially water to assist in making skin more flexible and dewy.

Another TIP: Take Myra Ultimate with Vitamin C. This powerful combo will help keep arteries relaxed and elastic - reducing buildup on the artery walls, strengthens the immune system, improves eye and lung function, and wounds easy to heal.

I personally take Myra E Vitamin to reduce my chicken-skin like symptoms from my steroid intakes. Taking it together with Pholigo Prebiotic Powder helps in minimizing my hormonal acne and pimples, too.

PS. In our children’s eyes, we’re the most beautiful.

For more information, visit Myra E Philippines: https://www.facebook.com/MyraPhilippines/


  1. Gustong gusto ko po yan Myra E feeling ko gumaganda ako ag nagtetake ako nyan dami kasi skun benefits at sa health πŸ˜πŸ‘ parang pinapalakas nya din ang confidence ko πŸ˜πŸ‘


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