Have a #PrimeSummerPinasarap with Mega Prime!

How time flies by! We are now almost half-way through our Summer Vacation! It's time to take a rest from school activities, but we should always remember that learning is a never-ending process!

Whether you are staying at home with the kids or travelling around, it is most certain that we do all we can as parents to keep the environment learning-friendly. But what if the kids are bored? One of my challenges this Summer is to find exciting activities that would make good use of my kid's creative mind and ecstatic energy while learning at the same time.

Last April 13, Mega Prime held its 3rd Prime Mom Club Workshop at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong and yours truly had the privilege to grace the event. The fun event showcased Mega Prime's strong commitment to be a steady partner of busy moms, inside and outside of the kitchen, just like Celebrity Mom, Marian Rivera!

This third installment of Prime Mom Club Workshop encourages moms to make it extra this summer - in home cooked meals and educational activities that both parents and their children will enjoy!

The part of the event was a fun talks by Prime Mom Club's panel of mom experts facilitated and hosted by pre-school teacher and personality Celine Cornejo. Panel list for this workshop includes  bloggers and businesswomen Ginger Arboleda, CEO of Taxumo Philippines, Denise Rayala of Royal Domesticity, and celebrity Chef Rosebud Benitez-Velasco. They are all of different backgrounds and interests but are all passionate in one thing - motherhood!

Knowing that summer is one of the busiest seasons for moms since kids are out of school and on vacation mode, the panelists shared their special recipes they whip up and secret tips on how to find fun and educational summer activities doable that family members will actually enjoy and anticipate.

After the talks, a fun story-telling time facilitated by Teacher Celine, a preschool teacher, kiddie events host and vlogger took place. Her advocacy? To teach learning through play to parents and kids, which she demonstrated through an interactive storytelling session and music-movement activity.

I learned so much about myself after taking the Get to Know You Survey form.

Three of the strengths includes Mathematical-Logical, Verbal-Linguistic and Intrapersonal. Well, this survey is very accurate! I'm an engineer by profession. 

I enjoy blogging, learning foreign languages such as Hangul-Korean and Nihonggo-Japanese apart from my interest in hand-gestured Filipino sign language and other forms of written languages such as Stenography and Morse Code. 

I am a freelancer that usually works alone which explains why I don't talk much to people outside my circle but I can jot down a book! Knowing our strengths will help us in assisting our kids in their academic studies and overall learning.

An interactive cooking workshop held by Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) introduced moms and kids in an opportunity to bond and learn at the same time - on how to prepare recipes like sweet coolers to beat the summer heat! CCA representatives also shared how to make Overnight Oats and Mocha Jelly using Mega Prime;s summer products namely the Whole Kernel Corn and Nata de Coco variety using the event's official partner, Masflex - another partnered company that shared a passion for helping moms.

What's more? To make sure every priceless moment was captured, NicePrint photographers roamed around the venue and took beautiful photos of guests as they bonded over the activities prepared by Mega Prime.

The best part? All participants took home loot bags full of Mega Prime goodies and they also raffled prizes to lucky particapants!

Mr. Marvin Tiu Lim Chan, VP of Sales and Marketing; Raymund Alegre, Senior Brand Manager; contest winners; Teacher Celine Cornejo.

Such a fun-learning event! Want to be part of the #PrimeMomClub?

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