#CBKHardwarexGerifiedPH: Westinghouse Bethany Ceiling Fan Review

Our #DIYHome's ground floor confined our living room, indoor kitchen, the breakfast nook/bar counter, the dining area, and the (future) built-in book nook under the staircase and a t&b.

The space is compact but has an adequate source of fresh air coming in from the adjacent windows (from the dining area and breakfast nook/bar counter) and from the air-well door (connected in our cooking area).

The ground floor is lofty with its 3.20-meter floor to ceiling height,

but still, our #CasaPolonPH is missing a vital piece - we need something that will circulate the air.

Instead of putting an air-conditioning system (not economical in terms of purchase, utility bill and maintenance), we opted to just place window in ideal locations (since the place is cooler than Manila and the neighborhood has a lot of blocks full of trees and plants), increase the floor-to-ceiling height (as mentioned above), install a built-in exhaust system (soon) and just get the right size of ceiling fan.

Why a ceiling fan?

Like any other fan, the ceiling fan moves the air. The hot air rises and warms the upper portion of the ground floor but as the fan blades move the air around, it blends the interior temperatures so that the hot air does not accumulate in one level but instead fanned out of the house.

The ceiling fan doesn't necessarily cool the air by itself but, with the right size, efficiently helps circulate the cool air better by fanning out the hot air accumulating on the ceiling level.

Ceiling fan creates a breeze effect that makes the room feel cooler and it, placed on the ceiling makes it save precious space while donning the area as a versatile ceiling decor.

Why Westinghouse?

Westinghouse is an American brand established in 1946. It mainly carries line of light bulbs, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and lighting accessories and is very well-known as a trusted brand especially as they offer a lifetime warranty for main motors and customer service to parts.

The company is committed in offering full range of products that not only meet the emerging trends but also the need of the replacement market - all with personal touch and flexibility of a family business powered by more than a century of creating products that give homes a warm light.

The Westinghouse Bethany Ceiling Fan

Photo grabbed from CBK Hardware

In CasaPolonPH, it is strategically placed on the area where it will complement each element of the compact ground floor - the floating wooden open shelves of our breakfast nook/bar counter, the bar stools, the dining table and chairs, the sofa set, even the floor tiles.

Product details of Westinghouse Bethany Ceiling Fan:

  • 52-inch  Indoor Ceiling Fan
  • Reversible Five-Blade Rustic Bronze Finish in Mahogany and Rich Walnut
  • Has Two-Light Creme Agate Glass Bowl
  • Classic Elegant Design with Made to Last parts
  • Powerful yet Quiet air circulation with Electricity Saving Room Air Triple Capacitor

The Westinghouse Bethany has three fan speeds (high/medium/low) and reversible switch for customized comfort. It has a timeless rustic bronze finish with creme agate glass shade as lamp. The ceiling fan can also adapt to a remote control system and can be used with a dimmer as well.

Other Specifications:

153-millimeter by 15-millimeter cold-rolled steel motor
Airflow: 4,757 cfm
Energy Usage: 65 watts without lights
Airflow Efficiency: 73 cfm per watt
Ideal for rooms up to 360 square feet (18 by 20 feet) with standard 8-foot ceilings
Includes 3/4-inch by 4-inch down rod, 78-inch lead wire, and two candelabra-base 60-watt G16-1/2 light bulbs

Check out our #DIYHome Installation:

If you want to add elegance and comfort, get the Westinghouse Bethany 53-Inch Ceiling Fan. It's classic, distinctive and adds a rustic feel to your home with its bronze finish and mahogany-rich walnut colored blades that complement traditional decors. This ceiling fan also adds a relaxing mood with its two-light fixtures inside a creme agate glass shade that sheds off soft, even light.

Just the right versatility, this ceiling harmonize form and function with reliable stability on a cold-rolled steel motor with triple capacitor that provides powerful, quiet circulation.

It also housed a reversible switch - stay cool in summer by running the fan counterclockwise. Keep the heat retained during cold season by running the fan in clockwise motion recirculating warm air.

The three-fan speeds also helps in controlling the breeze and has an adaptable remote control system for added convenience.

Ceiling fan, 78-inch lead wire, 4-inch length by 3/4-inch diameter down rod, and two candelabra-base 60-watt G16-1/2 light bulbs.

Where to get authentic Westinghouse products?

Co Ban Kiat (#CBKHardware) is Philippines' leading supplier in all major retail and home improvement stores nationwide. Almost the same age as Westinghouse, CBK Hardware has a century's record of excellence, guided by its vision to be the largest network supplier of the biggest global brands in the hardware industry which includes Westinghouse.

CBK Hardware is the Exclusive Philippines distributor of Westinghouse electric fans from USA. Get the Westinghouse Bethany on CBKHardware it's currently on sale in Lazada and Shopee.

Visit Official CBK Hardware Website: www.cbkhardware.com
Follow Official VBK Hardware Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/cbkhardware


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