#CosmetifiedxGerifiedPH Collaboration: The Jinju White Soap

Jinju White is one of Seoul Skin's major product. It has the latest technological advancement in the extraction of earth's purest ingredients that is clinically proven to brighten, lighten and moisturize tired and dull skin.

Jinju White is the only all natural Korean Derma-Grade Whitening soap in the Philippines that helps in fighting aging, has intensive whitening property, has very mild exfoliation, moisturizing and non-drying and helps skin to glow as it

- deeply cleanses skin
- unclogs and minimizes pores
- lightens dark areas including acne and pimple scars
- clears acne blemishes
- brightens overall complexion

The best part, it is safe for sensitive skin since it exfoliate very mildly and hence will not cause irritation as it clears blemishes while lightening skin complexion! 

Main ingredient includes pear extract and WhiteTen Korean Advanced Technology that clinically proven in helping skin look healthier while fighting off dryness and dullness. 

Get radiant and smoother skin with Jinju White Soap and see the difference in just two weeks of regular use!


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