Pampers Philippines #BetterForBaby Campaign with Sarah Lahbati

Kapag nag-start nang magkulit, i-Pampers Dry Pants na si baby for better movement! Read more about #PampersLessLawlaw Media Event here.

Do you cringe to lawlaw diapers? Read here to know how Pampers can hold up pee like magic! The Pampers Baby Dry Difference.

Join the movement at

Pampers’ #BetterforBaby movement event aims to help create a world of unhindered play for babies, please support and go visit to ,do any of the missions by helping us reach our collective goal of donating play areas and less lawlaw Pampers in hospitals across the Philippines today!


  1. wow try ko mag join❤️❤️❤️

  2. Diapers for babies is essential not only to give them freedom to move and explore but more importantly, for their emotional well being -- their emotions are more stable if it can ensure excellent liquid absorption without soaking their sensitive skin. Pampers Baby Dry does both! Plus it is more economical to use as changing nappies will be less frequent. It's not really magic, just Pampers Baby Dry making every step #betterforbaby .


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