#GerifiedPH: ProFaye Citronella Mist

Dengue is one of today's scariest diseases. Both my siblings are dengue survivors, that why I have this mentality that Dengue is a curable disease, but Dengue fever already evolved to severe Dengue.

Prevention is better than cure.

Aside from constantly cleaning the surrounding and removing stagnant water. It is also advise to wear long sleeves, pajamas and/or pants, socks and using mosquito nets, installing window and door screens and applying insect repellant.

ProFaye Citronella Mist 

We've tried so many insect repellants already, one of our recent finds is this ProFaye Citronella Mist. It basically keeps away disease-carrying mosquito (including Dengue, Malaria and Japanese Encephalitis) and other insect skin-annoyances like small ants and fruit flies. 


Spray Profaye Citronella Mist in open areas to avoid breathing them in. Never spray the product directly onto your child’s face. Instead, spray a little on your hands first and then rub it on your child’s face.

Avoid eyes and mouth, and do not spray insect repellent on cuts, wounds, or irritated skin.

We spray it on their uniforms, school bags, and shoes. We also use it in our car interior, basically every room in the house.

ProFaye produces the natural aroma of Citronella with lesser sting than regular Citronella Mist. It is mildy scented, no alcohol content and is non-toxic. Spray as frequently as possible.

Purchased ours for only Php160.00 at Eliance Closet on Facebook (eliancecloset on Instagram, Manila - Batangas based). It is also available at Gavin's Throne (Facebook, Baguio based).


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