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San Miguel Pure Foods Kids Kitchen Camp: Bloggers' Kids Series

What do you do when you're kid wants to help, say, cook with you? Do you hushed them out or encouraged them to help you? Stir the soup or sprinkle the cheese maybe? Well, it really depends on their age. For school aged kids, cooking can be one of their most anticipated household chore/bonding time with mom and dad!
I remember when I was little, my mom used to encouraged me and my sister to go grocery shopping with her - checking if the items on sale is on our list, roaming around the aisle with our phone's calculator app open, and compare brands and products, and when there's still a budget, try out what's new or what's hot on the shop.
She used to encourage us to go help in preparing our food. Wash the veggies and fruits, peel, chop, mince, etc. She also patiently teach us how to stir, simmer, saute. She used to tell me avoid frequently opening the lid to check, which I can't help myself with - I like seeing the sauce sizzle and boil. And now that I'm the…

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