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#CosmetifiedxGerifiedPH Collaboration: Seoul Skin's Kiss and Blush

Women today are more empowered than ever. We now wear more than one hat, and we are soaring high! And the lady boss of Cosmetified is one living proof among many others.
After more than two decades, my grade school bestfriend and I finally meet again! We catch up about life and it was amazing to know that we are now the lady bosses of our chosen careers - yours truly as a licensed engineer and her, as a licensed nurse. But hey, we are definitely more than just our professions - we are kikays, too!
We meet not just to catch up on life but also to collaborate for all of you amazing ladies following our blog! In this collaboration series, we will be featuring products that Cosmetified offers in their shopping platforms and social networking sites.
Cosmetified was founded on 2016 and started selling authentic imported beauty products via pre-order basis. One of the first items they offer are Blair products from Japan, including Blair Lip Lacquer and Blair Velvet Matte Collections.  On…

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