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Maxicare's Fest for a Healthy Feast 2019

One of the three basic needs of human is food. But eating shouldn't be merely about satisfying your hunger, it should be rewarding and soulful. The diet you choose whether because you don't know how to cook, you don't have time to cook, or just plain laziness will affect every aspect not just of your health, but of the environment.
Yes, apparently, every movement we do, including our choices of food - the processing, the packaging, transport and delivery) affects our environment, too!
Maxicare Healthcare Corporation wants Filipinos to be aware of this, as we all know, obesity and unhealthy lifestyles continue to grow and is now a known global problem. The country's leading healthcare provider arranged it's first-ever outdoor festival, the Maxicare Veggie Fest 2019! This project in support of the company's Chairman of the Board Mr. Roberto "Bobby" Macasaet Jr's personal advocacy for healthier lifestyles.
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