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Althea x Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxers

One of the things I'm thankful about is being part of the Althea Angels family! Angels Tammy and Syahira are gracious enough to give me wings to be an official Althea Angels, I certainly am a beauty enthusiast despite the nature of my work. Also, if you could remember, the Althea Headquarters in South Korea are generous in giving us a very refreshing welcoming gift that I blogged about a little earlier - the Real Fresh Skin Detoxers.

You can read my personal take on Real Fresh Skin Detoxers in Green Tea and May Rose Petals in this link.

The Real Fresh Skin Detoxers, which is a collaboration betweenAlthea Korea and Korea's top TV programme, Get It Beauty became so popular it made other influencers and other TV personalities curious.

For one, check out this video below of South Korea's famous beauty influencer Minsco and K-pop star Jeonghwa who's a member of EXID and see their first impressions on the products!

Do you want to experience the refreshing effects of The Skin Det…

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